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Latest Projects

Puremind Air-Conditioning 

Scresnshot of Puremind Airconditioning Website Home Page. A project delivered by Do London Ltd

Puremind Air-conditioning: We recently designed and launched a new website for Puremind Air-conditioning, a leading provider of high-quality air conditioning services for both residential and commercial customers.


Our website showcases their full range of services, which includes aircon installation, ventilation, VRF & VRV systems, cold rooms, and repair and maintenance services.


Additionally, we created and launched Facebook and Instagram pages for Puremind Air-conditioning to help them reach even more customers. Visit our Latest Projects page to learn more about this exciting project and see examples of our web design work.

Check out the website:

Surrey Kitchens and More

Surrey Kitchens and More screesnshot of Home Page. Project by Do London Ltd

We provided a comprehensive digital marketing solution for Surrey Kitchens and More 's kitchens and worktops showroom. The project included developing a 300-page website to showcase their products and services, as well as setting up their Google business profile, implementing a Google PPC campaign, and configuring their website's SEO and Google Analytics.

Our team worked closely with the client to understand their goals and target audience, and we used this information to create a custom digital marketing plan. We designed and developed the website to be fully responsive and user-friendly, incorporating custom graphics and a clear call-to-action to encourage potential customers to get in touch.

We also set up the client's Google business profile to ensure that they appeared prominently in local search results, and implemented a targeted PPC campaign to drive traffic to their website. Additionally, we optimized the website's SEO to improve its visibility in search engine rankings and set up Google Analytics to track and analyze website traffic and user behavior.

The client was highly satisfied with the results of our digital marketing solution, which helped them increase their online presence and attract new customers. We continue to provide ongoing support and maintenance as needed to ensure the success of their digital marketing efforts.

Check out the website:

Everest AirCon

A screenshot of Everest AirCon's webiste home page.  A project delivered by Do London Ltd

Our team developed a basic website for Everest Aircon, with a feature that allowed customers to book appointments online for an in-person consultation with the Everest Aircon team. This feature helped customers to schedule a convenient time for a discussion of their project requirements, which in turn helps the Everest Aircon team to better understand their customers' needs and provide tailored solutions.

In addition to the website development, we also helped Everest Aircon to set up Google paid ads, which targeted potential customers who were looking for air conditioning services in their area. This helped to increase the visibility of Everest Aircon's services and drive more traffic to their website.

The end result was a website and an effective online advertising campaign that helped Everest Aircon to expand their customer base and reach new audiences. 

Check out the website:

Rated Worktops Home Page_edited.jpg

RatedWorktops was developed to address various challenges within the UK worktops industry. These challenges included heightened competition among suppliers, the imperative to minimize lead generation costs, and the aspiration to streamline the process for customers, allowing them to save both time and money by receiving multiple quotes through a single form submission.

Furthermore, RatedWorktops aimed to centralize worktops suppliers on a unified platform, enhancing supplier visibility and increasing the likelihood of discovery by potential customers. As the inaugural worktops quotes comparison service in the UK, RatedWorktops was meticulously crafted to meet these challenges head-on.

Our business development services team played a pivotal role in conceptualizing the service. Leveraging our expertise in lead generation and innovative service development, we collaborated with the RatedWorktops team to design, test, and successfully launch the service. Our proficiency in idea generation, concept testing, service design and development, as well as launch planning and execution, contributed to the service's successful introduction.

Post-launch, RatedWorktops effectively addressed many industry challenges, such as reducing lead generation costs, consolidating suppliers on a singular platform, and simplifying the process for customers to receive multiple quotes through a single form submission. Additionally, the service facilitated suppliers in elevating their profiles and gaining increased exposure to potential customers. Our business development services team takes pride in playing a crucial role in RatedWorktops' achievements.

Check out the website:

Syrian Fashion Ltd

A screenshot of Syrian Fashion's website Home Page. A project by Do London Ltd

We are in the process of designing and developing a new website for Syrian Fashion, an emerging leader in high-quality women's and children's clothing. Once completed, the website will showcase their extensive range of products, including hijabs, abayas, stylish sets, lingerie, and a special collection for kids.


In anticipation of the website's launch, we are also preparing to create and roll out Facebook and Instagram pages for Syrian Fashion to broaden their reach and engage with a wider audience.


Keep an eye on our Latest Projects page to stay updated on this exciting project and to see future examples of our web development expertise

Check out the website:

Everest Stone

Colour Quartz Worktops. Screenshot of Everest Stone webiste home page. Project delivered by do London

We created a comprehensive solution for Everest Stone Ltd, which included a customized ecommerce website and management of all customer relationships from purchase to delivery. The website provided customers with access to view and purchase quartz slabs, using a unique system which allowed them to reserve slabs and check out without making direct payments.

In addition to the ecommerce functionality, we also incorporated several features to enhance the customer experience. A "store locator" was added to the website, which enabled customers to search and find a local Everest Stone supplier partner. This feature helped to increase the visibility of the company's brand and provided customers with greater convenience.

Another feature we added was a "sample request" option, which enabled customers to request samples online from a list of available stone colors. This feature helped customers make more informed purchasing decisions and increased the likelihood of repeat business.

As part of our service, we provided full management of sales and customer relations for more than 6 months period. This included updating accounts on Quickbooks, handling all necessary duties to run the business smoothly, and managing all customer interactions from purchasing to delivery of slabs.

The customized online portal we developed for the client's administrative team helped to streamline their workflow and save time and money by reducing the number of customer service employees needed. The portal allowed the team to manage orders, print delivery notes, and set up automatic delivery note receipts in PDF format to the admin email, whenever a customer submitted an order.

The end result was a fully functional ecommerce website with a unique system, which simplified the purchasing process for customers and administrative tasks for the client's team. The project also included full management of sales and customer relationships, from purchase to delivery, and the development of several customized features that enhanced the customer experience. Everest Stone Ltd was highly satisfied with the final product, and we continue to provide ongoing support and maintenance for the website.

Check out the website:


A screenshot of Online Stone Worktops' webiste home page. A project delivered by Do London Ltd

OSW in an online service. Our team created a comprehensive website, featuring over 150 product pages for each stone color. The website was designed to provide customers with a user-friendly and informative platform to explore the range of products and services offered by Online Stone Worktops.

To ensure that the website was easily discoverable by potential customers, we implemented SEO setup and Google Analytics, which helped to improve the website's visibility on search engines and provided insights into customer behavior and engagement.

We also helped OSW to establish and manage their social media presence, including setting up and managing Instagram and Facebook accounts. We created and published regular posts to showcase their products and services, and boosted select posts to increase their reach and engagement with potential customers.

The end result was a comprehensive and effective online platform for the client, which helped them to reach and engage with a wider audience of potential customers. OSW was very satisfied with our work and continues to rely on our team for ongoing website maintenance, SEO support, and social media management.

Check out the website:

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